Local Author Book Nook

Local Author Book Nook

The Liquor Cabinet Series

By D.L. Gallie


Featuring a brand-new cover, the Liquor Cabinet series is a collection of four novels in one.

These contemporary romances have a little bit of suspense, a lot of passion and lots of drama.

Follow the stories of Mackenzie Merlot, Clint and Jordan, Mike and Sav, Sarah and Logan as they romp their way through their lives.

There are twists, threats, romance, and excitement in every story, with the odd wine bar and brewpub thrown in.

This is a great read for lovers of this genre.

The Liquor Cabinet Series is available for purchase from Gladstone City Library, or for loan from any Gladstone Regional Council library.

Visit www.gladstonelibraries.qld.gov.au for more.


About the Author

DL Gallie lives in Gladstone with her husband and two children.

Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again.

After her husband encouraged to do so she started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.