Local Barber Celebrates Thirty Years In Business

Local Barber Celebrates Thirty Years In Business

The well-known and loved business Stu’s Styles For Men has recently celebrated a massive thirty years in business.

After being a barber for thirty-four years now, Stuart Howland, the owner of Stu’s Styles For Men, said that the idea of a simple and timeless barbershop is what keeps customers  coming back.

“When you provide an excellent product or service for a reasonable price the customers will support you. Here we have chairs operating on an appointment-free basis, so first in is best dressed. In my experience, men are generally not very organised- so being able to walk in and get a haircut has been a big part of our success,” Stu said.

In the past thirty years, Stu has seen most of Gladstone’s diversification and growth.

“Gladstone has diversified away from just being an aluminum town to truly become a diversified manufacturing town and an export hub of national importance.

“When I first set up my business there was a barbershop in Tank Street and one on Toolooa Street. Both of these businesses only had one chair, so at the time my reasoning with opening my business was that there was a large part of the population that was not being serviced.”

Stu spent the first four years of his career in Mackay completing his apprenticeship before returning to Gladstone to open his current barbershop. To this day, one of his biggest highlights is being able to help and train apprentices and improve the skills of his staff.

“There have been many highlights in the last thirty years, both business and personal. I think I have always enjoyed talking to the general public, and sharing their concerns and distresses. I love watching families grow and bring in the next generation. I have had fantastic staff members over the years and we currently employ five. I have enjoyed passing on my skills to apprentices and staff through training; you cannot have success in business without great staff members.”