An all local cast for “Searching for Doctor Branovic”

An all local cast for “Searching for Doctor Branovic”

The Wild Goose Theatre Company is presenting David Tristram’s brilliant farce “Searching for Doctor Branovic” next month at the GECC Playhouse.

We interviewed the amazing Terri Ahrens, who, in addition to being a sewing sensation and possibly the best quilter in Australia, stars in this madcap production.

“I started with the Wild Goose Theatre Company six years ago as their costume designer, and little by little they’ve lured me up on to the stage,” she said.

“Initially it was really hard. I found it terrifying! But as I’ve performed in different roles over the years I’ve started to really enjoy portraying a completely different character to myself.”

Her role in “Searching for Doctor Branovic” requires Terri to play a very annoyed and stressed housewife a portrayal she says is very far from her own nature.

Emma Tyler mourns the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Joe. But all is not what it seems and, deep in the bowels of a nearby hospital, something stirs. Enter Detective Inspector Monroe – a confused, mistaken detective who is an enthusiast of wild goose chases who knows a thing or two about the unexpected but is now faced with a mystery that threatens to unhinge his sanity.

How did Joe manage to walk out of his own post-mortem? Where is the mysterious Doctor Branovic? How did the toaster get dented on both sides? Why has Monroe got a hole in his right hand? And, most crucially of all, does Emma Tyler really own a cat?

A dinner theatre production with a tasty meal served at interval, Terri says a night out at the Wild Goose Theatre would be a great group outing. “We’re encouraging people to book a table with friends and join us for a wonderful “theatre restaurant” style night of comedy,” Terri said.

Playing alongside Terri are Ian Chapman, Mark Newberry, Wesley Walker & Colin Burke. Performances run from 7pm until 915pm on 15, 16 and 17 February 2017 in the GECC Playhouse (access via Oaka Lane). Tickets cost $55 (dinner and show)

Tickets on sale at