Local charity supplies students with vital equipment

Local charity supplies students with vital equipment

Quota Gladstone members and friends have been busy packing over 200 backpacks filled with basic school supplies for their ‘Pencils Plus’ program. The backpacks were delivered to local schools on Monday before the start of term one. The backpacks will then be distributed, at the teacher’s discretion, to students who arrive at school without basic school supplies to get them started. This year is the first year that the backpacks were available to local high schools.

The Quota Club is a service club with twelve that aims to help underprivileged women & children, people with disabilities, and offers general support to the community.

The Quota Club’s “Pencils Plus” program has been running for three years and is locally funded throughout the year. Quota Gladstone raises the funds by hosting their ‘three-cent sales’ and a fashion parade with the rest being supplemented by generous community donations.

Local Gladstone Quota volunteer Liz Robertson stressed the importance of this program for underprivileged children in the region.

“I think this program is amazing! Some kids come to school and they really need something to get them started so that they don’t begin the term at a disadvantage.” Liz said.

Members are looking forward to their fundraising activities going ahead this year as funds for the project have seriously depleted due to the cancellation of fundraising events during 2020. The first event will be a ‘Cent Sale’ on Saturday 1st May at the Gladstone Bowls Club.