Local water lovers invited to have their say on Lake Awoonga marine zones

Local water lovers invited to have their say on Lake Awoonga marine zones

As the popularity of Lake Awoonga continues to grow, Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is reviewing its marine zoning requirements, and local residents are invited to have their say on the popular local waterway.

With the number of Lake Awoonga recreational users increasing every week, GAWB is proposing to convert the existing six knot area around the Riverston Bay Parkland to a motorized watercraft exclusion zone, as a result public use of all motorized watercrafts will not be permitted in the area.

GAWB Land and Catchment Manager Jamie Petrie said the Lake Awoonga Riverston Bay Marine Zone Proposal aims to create a waterway that is safe and easily accessible for all visitors.

“The purpose of introducing an exclusion zone is to balance the amenity experience and safety

of the many different user groups who enjoy Lake Awoonga,” Mr Petrie said.

“This proposal will consolidate this area as the first choice for families and users who wish to use the water for general recreation.

“Our number one priority is safety for everyone who enters the water at Lake Awoonga and we’re committed to implementing the appropriate measures to ensure that happens.

“We recognise the Gladstone community’s deep connection to Lake Awoonga and really encourage all of our users to have their say and contribute to the public consultation process. We want to hear from everyone.

“The proposal has been informed by the Lake Awoonga Recreation Strategy that was prepared in consultation with our Community Consultation Forum.”

GAWB Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow said the Riverston Bay Marine Zoning project was identified as a community need in the 2020-2025 Lake Awoonga Recreation Strategy.

“Our Recreation Strategy sets out several initiatives which are aimed at upgrading or maintaining existing recreational facilities at Lake Awoonga, as well as opportunities for new recreational facilities,” Mr Barlow said.

“As a follow up to the Recreational Strategy, we have also finalised the Lake Awoonga Recreational Area Master Plan, which will provide the framework for consistent planning, development, delivery and resource allocation to implement the Recreational Strategy.

“The Riverston Bay Marine Zone Proposal is a key element of our strategy and it’s important that our community are involved in this process and get to have their say.”

The public consultation period is now open and will close on January 6, 2022.

The proposal can be viewed online at the Gladstone Area Water Board website at htttps://gawb.qld.gov.au or at Maritime Safety Queensland’s website at www.msq.qld.gov.au

For more information, phone GAWB on 4976 3000.

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