Mantis Sportswear Grand Opening – Launching Mantess Activewear for Ladies

Mantis Sportswear Grand Opening – Launching Mantess Activewear for Ladies

Mantis Sportswear has moved into a brand new location, 4B/10 Side Street Gladstone!

Owners and power couple Fabian and Ruby have been supplying sports teams, businesses, schools, clubs and community groups with comfortable high-quality sportswear for over 3 years.

The business employees 7 Gladstone locals including Iona Nahow an Indigenous Graphic Designer who was trained from the ground up.

“As business owners, it’s all about trial and error, and we feel that we grow stronger each year that we are here,” Ruby said.

And now the team are proud to announce the launch of their new line Mantess Activewear for Ladies.

Ruby decided to design her own female activewear line after noticing a lack of larger sizes amongst the popular activewear brands. Mantess Activewear for Ladies is high quality, stylish with funky patterns and most of all affordable.

“One of the reasons I wanted to open the shop is that I want locals to be able to come in and try on sizes to make sure it fits, feel the fabric and be able to talk to someone face-to-face instead of ordering online. I know how hard ordering online can be if it’s not done right. You end up with the wrong size or even worse wrong design.”

“I want women to feel confident and comfortable in our activewear, I found a lot of the materials used by other brands were too thick.”

Mantis Sportswear will host the grand opening event at the new shopfront on February 20 with a range of competitions and prizes to be won. The launch of Mantess Activewear for Ladies will coincide with the grand opening and will be available online and instore.