May is Small Business Month in Queensland

May is Small Business Month in Queensland

Joe Smith – President, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)


WITH over 3600 GST registered in the 4680 postcode, and over 11,000 individual ABNs, which include micro-businesses, small businesses impact on almost every part of our economy.

“From providing support to large industry through to an individual selling face masks, small business owners do not always get the recognition they deserve,” GCCI President Joe Smith said.

“Small Business Month, is an opportunity for business owners to celebrate their achievements, and network and share learnings with other small business owners.”

Mr Smith said it was important for locals to support small business because “as soon as a dollar leaves our community, it does not come back, especially if it is spent with a large multinational”.

“The same dollar spent with a local business circulates in our economy several times over,” he said.

“it puts food on the tables of families, sends kids to school, pays for soccer fees and so forth, so supporting a local business is very personal to our community.”

Positively, Mr Smith said in most areas local small businesses have recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels of trading, and a large number have performed better than in pre-COVID-19 times.

“Business confidence is improving, and there is a lot of work and projects on that local businesses are involved in that is assisting the local economy at a very good level,” he said.

The GCCI is an independent driven not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting small and medium sized businesses in the Gladstone Region.

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