Meet a local volunteer !

Meet a local volunteer !

Name Tin Shelton

Where do you volunteer? I volunteer at Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours Inc. (WIN)

When did you start volunteering there? I have been volunteering at WIN since October 2019, it is not very long but I’ve had so many great experiences.

What do you do there? When I arrived in Gladstone, I looked for an organisation that could help me settle into my new life. WIN was the first one I found. My first contact with the organisation was when I attended the Language Café, one of the many great programs at WIN. It’s held at Gladstone Library every second Tuesday of the month. I easily connected with a bunch of lovely people that treated me like family. Another reason why I love to volunteer is because I can help other people.

Why do you volunteer? There are so many great things about becoming a volunteer at WIN. My favourite reason for being a volunteer at WIN is meeting lovely people with similar interests and perspectives regarding contributing and giving back to the community in a very positive way.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer? I would encourage people to volunteer at WIN by telling them all the positives and benefits you can gain as an individual or as a group or family. I would say that the organisation has so much to give when it comes to helping people with information and guidance in many aspects of life. Volunteering also opens you to opportunities, like training, gaining knowledge, experience and connecting to other networks that are very useful to be able to get a job. One of the main things I would say is, WIN is an enjoyable organisation that gives all the positivity towards your life goals.


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