Meet a local volunteer – Julie Withoos from Benaraby State School

Meet a local volunteer – Julie Withoos from Benaraby State School


Julie Withoos

Where do you volunteer?

Benaraby State School

How long have you been volunteering there for?

Since 2007


Parent of a “Foundation Preppie”

Occasional Tuckshop Volunteer

Assisting on Inter-School and Inter-House Sports Events

Assisting with providing food etc at school evenings eg discos, bbq’s, etc

P&C Member

Regular Relief Teacher (as employee of Education Queensland)


P&C Secretary

Represented P&C at official functions: Opening of Library, 125 Celebrations, Farewell of long term staff members


Fair Committee

Market Stall Co-ordinator

Fair Secretary/Meeting Chair

Programme Organiser


Chaperone for Benaraby School Chess Teams at Inter-School Chess Competitions

Why do you choose to volunteer?

To give back to the school

To help provide learning resources and experiences for all students enrolled

To help provide a safe, happy and enjoyable learning environment for students and working environment for staff members

I love the community within the school – like an extended family

Many friendships forged since being associated with school will be friendships for life

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Seeing the children grow and develop from Preppies to Seniors and then beyond as I see them in the wider community and at high school when they leave Benaraby

Being able to help others and see the positive effect my help, regardless of how small or insignificant, can have on them

The friendships forged with fellow parents and staff members within the school community

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer?

Get involved, come along to meetings, help out at school functions

The return on your investment of time and effort is always far more than what you put in

“You’ll never ever know if you never have a go!”

There’s always some way in which you can become involved within the school community, which can lead to returns far beyond what you may expect