Meet Karen Windress from WIN For Business – Shop To Win Profile

Meet Karen Windress from WIN For Business – Shop To Win Profile

Tell us about the types of products and services that your business supplies or sells?

I am a Financial Literacy Business Coach, Accountant and Registered Tax Agent providing business coaching, tax, and accounting services to our local area. I am here to support businesses and individuals with their financial management; educate & create structures, plans, goals and strategies, whether it be for their business and/or individual circumstances and reporting requirements.

What does supporting local businesses mean to you?

As born and bred Gladstone resident, witnessing Gladstone businesses continue and thrive is paramount. By buying local & supporting our businesses keeps our economy moving in a positive direction and we retain the pride and passion within in the business community – that is essential!

Can you share a fun fact about yourself or your business?

I am a tattooed, Irish whiskey drinking Accountant, who loves yoga!

What are your top pick/s for Christmas presents this year?

By using Win for Business’ budgeting tools and have them in place for the year; the cash put aside from a budget can be used for Christmas time and can be spent on those special Christmas plans! My top pick would be a holiday by exploring our local region!

How could the winner spend $10,000 in your business?

Come join the “Winners Circle” – where we can set money management goals, foundation lessons with record and bookkeeping, tax & accounting practices, taxation reporting,  develop purposes and strategies to win for you and/or for your business with accountability coaching.