Meet a Local Volunteer

Meet a Local Volunteer


Bindi and Jeffrey Lee

Where do you volunteer?

Unique Quality Care

How long have you been volunteering there for?

Since April 2016

Why did you choose to volunteer at Unique Quality Care?

Bindi: Because Unique Quality Car put their clients above their own needs and they give people with disabilities quality of life. They provide a service that assists people with disabilities to meet life goals and help with their day to day life needs.

Jeffrey: I started to volunteer to support my wife and I now drive the van to and from Rockhampton to transport Unique Quality Care’s clients to social activities

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

Bindi: I get gratification when somebody has achieved a life goal, watching their feelings and knowing i’m apart of that plan is an amazing feeling.

Jeffrey:  It’s amazing seeing people with disabilities work to their strengths and when they are congruent with whom they are, I like being a part of that.

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer? 

Bindi: To support your community, I managed to encouraged my husband to come along and help

Jeffrey: For the great feeling when you are helping someone in need

Thanks Bindi & Jeffrey! Gladstone News appreciate our local volunteers!