Meet a Local Volunteer – Heather Wieland from the CWA

Meet a Local Volunteer – Heather Wieland from the CWA

Meet a Local Volunteer

Name: Heather Wieland

Where do you volunteer: Heather is a long-term member of the Gladstone CWA – the Country Women’s Association.

How long have you been a member?

I came here in 1963 when I was still only a very young Mum. I had two children when we arrived here, and three more were born in Gladstone.

Mostly I’ve been here. I’ve been away a few times, my husband decided we were going to retire out in the country, but he only lasted three months. He wasn’t born in Gladstone, but he loved it here.

Why did you join the CWA?

“When the first CWA opened up in Gladstone 95 years ago, the membership was every adult lady in the town just about,” Heather said. “It wasn’t that much different when I joined, it’s always been a great way to meet up with women from the local community.”

At this point, a fellow member of Heather’s piped up: “She was our National President! We’re very proud of that!”

Heather won a Medal of Australia (AM) for her services to the Country Women’s Association, serving as first the Queensland State President and subsequently the National President between 2004 and 2008.

Several women at the meeting agreed they were very lucky to have such an experienced Divisional President right here in Gladstone.

What would you say to encourage more women in Gladstone to join the CWA?

QCWA provides support and friendship for women of all ages in all areas of the state, rural and city. We lobby to improve conditions for women and their families.

Why not bring your children, if you have them, and come along for friendship, learning handcrafts, cooking and heaps of other fun and educational things to do as well as your children can play with other children and have heaps of fun too.