Meet a Local Volunteer – Leanne Patrick

Meet a Local Volunteer – Leanne Patrick


Name: Leanne Patrick

Where do you volunteer? GAPDL Gladstone Ambassador and Gladstone Communities for Children, Tannum Sands State School, BITS Cricket Club, BITS Bullets Swim Club, BITS Soccer Club, BTABC – Boyne Tannum Business Art and Community, Gladstone Community Musical – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Tannum Sands Mother’s Day Classic, McHappy Day @ McDonalds Boyne Island, Boyne Tannum Hook Up and Saint Peter Chanel Church – Tannum Sands.

How long have you been volunteering there for? Most of my life, I have chosen to volunteer in some shape or form. My parents were great role models for being volunteers and I have always just followed in their footsteps I suppose.

When I moved to Gladstone 5 years ago, I knew no one. The only people I knew were my husband and my 2 sons. Volunteering empowered me to not only do good things for our community but also meet and interact with the many, many great people who live, work and holiday in our Gladstone region.

Why do you choose to volunteer? I simply love to be connected with people and the community I live in. I have always been a giver of my time, giver of knowledge and giver of love of life. Making people smile and enhancing others’ lives gives me great satisfaction. I simply believe what you give out in your life is what you receive back.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering? For me, I think it is making people smile, and happy and knowing in my heart that I am contributing to a better community for all to share in! And I like to have a chat….And being a great role model for our younger generations. See, that’s 3 reasons!

What would you say to encourage others to volunteer? Challenge yourself and your family to be part of something bigger than yourself.