Meet our Region’s Baton Bearers – Gladstone – Jenny McLeod

Meet our Region’s Baton Bearers – Gladstone – Jenny McLeod

I have given blood 50 times. I started donating in Cairns when I was 18 and from the start, I just knew that volunteering at the blood bank was something I wanted to do when I had the time.” 

Now retired, Gladstone Baton Bearer, Jenny McLeod has been a volunteer at the blood bank for 6 years. “I really enjoy getting out and keeping busy.” Jenny is also the treasurer for the Hospital Auxiliary, who meet twice per month to organise fundraising to help purchase equipment for the hospital.

“One year we raised enough to purchase a resuscitation machine for little people,” she said.

Like several other baton bearers, Jenny didn’t let the chance of this profile go by to promote their cause, in Jenny’s case, the Gladstone Hospital Auxiliary: “Our next fundraiser is a mini cent sale, fashion parade and home-made morning tea on the 28th March,” she said. “Tickets are available from Noni B, Priceline and Gladstone Optical.”

Jenny has also been on the Harbour Festival Committee for 23 years, doing everything from organising the Festival Princess and Queen pageant to serving in the fish and chip stall.

I tried to step away for a little while once, but that didn’t last long. I just have to be a part of it.”

Jenny is still in the dark as to who nominated her for the Baton Relay: “I am the ‘last leg’ at East Shores and I would LOVE to know who nominated me. If you are reading this, I am very intrigued and I am investigating!”

We think it’s a well-deserved nomination Jenny, whoever the mystery person was!