Meet SHY…

Meet SHY…

A small but dedicated group of baking, sewing, knitting and musical local ladies want you to know that you are not alone.

The group, Softly Helping You (SHY), have made it their mission to provide a warm and welcoming environment to anyone and everyone in our community who may feel isolated at the moment.

“If you’re a carer for a loved one, have lost a loved one, or simply need a friend, you’re welcome at our table,” SHY member Sofia Aiello said.

“Our gatherings are like walking into a friend’s house, you can sit down and play cards or board games, listen to music, pick up some knitting, or simply just sit and enjoy being amongst other people.

“Everyone is welcome.”

Sofia said the group, which meets every Thursday at the new Phillip Street Communities & Families Precinct, was especially keen to support individuals who care or have cared for loved ones.

“I spent five years looking after my father who suffers from Dementia,” she said.

“I understand the loneliness that comes from not having anywhere to take someone you are caring for, the best I could do with my Dad was to take him people watching at Stockland Gladstone.

“With SHY, carers are encouraged to come and bring their loved one, stay as long as they like, and enjoy a complimentary morning tea.

“They can help us with sewing toiletry bags or knitting beanies for the homeless if they like, or just simply enjoy being out of the house in a safe environment.”

SHY meets at the Maxine Brushe Meeting Place between 10am and 1pm, bookings are not required to join the social gathering.

To learn more contact Sofia on 0447 535 280 or Lynne on 0437 498 603, or request to join the SHY Softly Helping You private group on Facebook.

The group currently fundraises to help cover the costs of their morning teas and materials to make goods that they donate to local nursing homes or homelessness support groups.

At the moment they are trying to raise $2,000 to cover the cost of their Public Liability Insurance.

If there is a local business out there that can help them with their fundraising efforts they would love to hear from you.

For more information please email Sofia on