Mel Hamilton of Moonbar Moments named in ‘Top 10 Wordwide Wedding Planners’

Mel Hamilton of Moonbar Moments named in ‘Top 10 Wordwide Wedding Planners’

In just over two years, Mel has gone from opening her business to running her own showroom, and being recognised for her talent worldwide.

“Moonbar Moments has grown so much from when we first started. Starting in our house with the vision of being a Caravan bar that we had gutted and renovated ourselves, our dream became bigger than ever. We started to add many services, including the biggest addition of all, our showroom, venue and café; Moonbar Moments became something more than we could have ever imagined. The growth and support that we have been involved with since the opening of Moonbar Moments has been more than what we could ever have hoped for,” said Mel.

Moonbar Moments currently offers styling services for receptions and ceremonies, a mobile caravan bar, photo booths, tee-pee parties, antique furniture hire, styled picnics for all get-togethers and celebrations, bell tent set-ups, and venue hire with the option for both indoor and outdoor hire, and both cocktails and sit-down weddings and functions.

“We also have our café on Gladstone Beneraby Road which is open from 5am, Monday to Friday, with Saturdays coming soon.

“I am so humbled to be included as part of this list. I felt so honoured and special that I was being considered for this, let alone that I had made the Top 10. There’s a sense of gratitude that myself and my team’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and that our constant drive to learn and be better shows that we are on the right path for our careers, and doing what we love most.

“I think the dedication that my team and I offer was a huge factor in what earned my recognition in this list. We have worked long nights, early mornings, and for days on end to always keep providing for our clients and improving our services, so dedication plays the biggest role in why I am here in this list today.”

Mel is driven by a true love and passion for her work, and enjoys the role she is able to play in special parts of people’s live.

“My favourite part of working in a creative industry is the people we have met along the way. We have met and got to be a part of so many important moments and celebrations in people’s lives and it does leave a mark on you. The work we do is not all pretty and glamorous, but when you see the results, the smiles, laughter, and people coming together, whether that be for love, or friends and family, it makes our job 100 percent worth it.

“The vision for our business honestly grows every day, month, and year. Every time we leap, we add a new service, and we work with new businesses our vision just grows. When we first started, our vision was a Mobile caravan bar being a show-stopper bar at celebrations, and from here we added picnics, a photo booth, and tee-pees, and to where we are now. We want to keep providing a service that we believe Gladstone needs; we want to give Gladstone something different, unique, and a place where can grow for our community.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our team, friends, family, and the community. The constant support that we have received has been mind-blowing, and we are so thankful. We’re very proud that we can share this with our region.”

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