Men’s Health Week – Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Men’s Health Week – Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Ok, have been thinking about this for a while. Here I am in all my tubby, pale & middle aged (I’m 44) glory.

I’ve got a Catheter, Stoma (colostomy bag), scars where you can see them, scars where you can’t, and hormone implants below my skin.

I have another operation to come, and then radio and/or chemotherapy.

Why am I writing this? Well, in the summer of 2014 I had blood in my urine. Went to the GP and he said that it was probably just an infection and would clear up.

It did.

However, it wasn’t an infection. It was a symptom of Prostate Cancer.

If my GP had simply taken some blood, and sent it off for a PSA test (the test for prostate cancer…it’s NOT a finger up the ass… That comes later!) then we would have caught this at an early, and much more manageable stage.

There are many symptoms. I urge all the men to spend 5 minutes here

In the early stages, there may be no symptoms. In the later stages, some symptoms of prostate cancer might include:

  • Feeling the frequent or sudden need to urinate
  • Finding it difficult to urinate (for example, trouble starting or not being able to urinate when the feeling is there or poor urine flow)
  • Discomfort when urinating
  • Finding blood in urine or semen
  • Pain in the lower back, upper thighs or hips.

These symptoms may not mean you have prostate cancer, but if you experience any of them, go and see your doctor.

It could save your life.

Prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent in ‘younger’ men. Men our age.

If you have blood in your urine, or any other symptom listed on the prostate website, then get a blood PSA test.

Insist upon it.

If I had known earlier, then my treatment and prognosis would have been so different.

As it was, my cancer was free to grow and grow for another 12 months without anyone knowing.

So, there you go.

Sorry to be so serious, but 1 in 8 of you (for that’s how many men will get prostate cancer) will bloody thank me one day!

Prostate Cancer

Cheers, Kurt