Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

There is no doubt Mother’s Day holds a very special place in all of our hearts. Whether you’re a new mum, a mum-to-be, a grandmother, or if you’re mum is no longer with you, the day provides us with a  unique opportunity to be especially grateful for everything a mother represents.

Falling on May 10 this year, Mother’s day will undoubtedly look a little different as the coronavirus pandemic leaves us separated physically from many of our loved ones. But while strict social distancing rules may mean many of us mightn’t be able to see our mums in person for the day, it’s a reality that is undoubtedly for the best as we continue to fight the spread of the virus.

But just because you might not be able to see your mum in person that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil her and make her feel loved on the special day. In fact, there are plenty of little gestures you can do that will go a long way – and not just for mum.

This could include beautiful flowers, which are a timeless classic or why not a potted plant if you prefer something with more longevity. Another great present idea for mum is a voucher to her favourite beauty service, whether that be the hairdresser, nail salon or even masseuse! And if you’re really struggling for ideas you can never go wrong with chocolate.

Many small local businesses are struggling in the wake of the pandemic, as they’ve been forced to close bricks and mortar stores and rely solely on online sales. With this in mind, now has never been a better time to purchase your gift or service from one of the many small, local businesses throughout our region. This year, it won’t just show mum how much you care, but it will also go a long way in helping Gladstone businesses recover from this financially devastating time.