Movin’ on up!

By Luke Smart

Movin’ on up!

Brolga Cranes & Equipment is a 100% indigenous-owned company, providing a professional and safe lifting service to Central Queensland.

Brolga Cranes & Equipment have 17 years’ experience in Heavy Lifting, Job Planning, Crane Operations, Superlift Experience, Rigging Crews and are the number one indigenous crane company in Queensland.

Three weeks ago owner Paul Olsen bought a new AT20 Terex Franna crane with custom artwork and in that time has been working with four different companies around the region. Currently, Paul has two permanent and nine casual employees on his books but is hoping to expand soon.

“We’re currently securing contracts, to give us the opportunity to train and upskill other indigenous people in the community, to give them higher qualifications and to get them into a more skilled higher paying job.”

Paul still remembers the day he first started and said it wasn’t until someone gave him a go and put him in a crane that his career took off.

“It’s just having that one person saying ‘mate we’ll give you a go’ and that’s where everything changes.”

Paul is a big believer of indigenous-owned companies,

“Having an indigenous owned business in Australia is a wonderful thing, It gives more opportunities to indigenous people and there needs to be more of it.”

Paul loves his job and wants to see more people doing the hard work to reach a level of success that they’re happy with,

“It’s outstanding to see indigenous people study, work hard, go to work every day, be a role model to others, be good citizens and strive to get to a spot where they can be the owner or manager of a business.”