NAIDOC Week 2023

NAIDOC Week 2023

NAIDOC celebrates the history, culture and achievements of our people and is celebrated by many non – Indigenous Australians

Each year The Gladstone Community comes together to celebrate NAIDOC with a full week of festivities. The NAIDOC Week 2023 theme will be ‘For Our Elders’. The NAIDOC Week 2023 theme was chosen to reflect the important role that elders play in the lives of Indigenous Australians.

What is the history of NAIDOC Week?

The origins of NAIDOC Week stem back to 1938, and the inaugural Day of Mourning. The Day of Mourning was held on the day before Australia Day and was a protest marking the 150th anniversary of the arrival of settlers to Australia. It was organised to highlight the plight of Indigenous Australians and to open a political dialogue. It was a success and raised public awareness. In 1957, the day was moved from January to July and became a celebration as well as a memorial, and in 1991 it was made a week–long celebration and expanded to include Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

How to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2023?

There are many ways that you and your students can celebrate NAIDOC Week 2023, and engage with this year’s theme! These might include:

  • Reading stories of The Dreaming
  • Have a go at creating your own Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander-styled artwork
  • Read the poetry and literature of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Organise a trip or excursion to one of the many sites of significance and history to Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander people that allow visitors
  • Invite an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander into your classroom to speak to your students about their life and experiences. This is a perfect way to explore the NAIDOC Week 2023 theme.

NAIDOC Week 2023 will be held from Sunday, July 2nd through to Sunday, July 9th.

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