National Plastics Summit

National Plastics Summit


From Ken O’Dowd

The Morrison Government has concluded the first-ever National Plastics Summit, reinforcing its commitment to working with industry to increase our recycling capabilities, ensuring markets for recycled products and reducing plastic waste. Ken O’Dowd MP said Monday’s National Plastics Summit, attended by more than 200 representatives from local and global businesses, state and local government, industry and community sectors have set the tone for the future of plastic waste management in Australia.

“The Prime Minister has outlined three pillars of action around recycling plastic waste. First and most importantly, we need to take responsibility for our waste,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“We can all do our part in Flynn, such as encouraging demand for recycled products at home and by purchasing products that are re-usable, as opposed to those intended for single use. And, through Government intervention, we know that banning the export of waste plastics will keep more of the raw stock here for remanufacturing, helping to lift industry capacity and our ability to use these materials constructively. These are the first of a number of measures the Morrison Government will take to build demand and capacity in the sector.”

Across from Capital Hill in Old Parliament House, students from around Australia met with the Governor-General and Her Excellency Mrs Hurley and discussed issues around plastic waste and recycling.

“It was fantastic to see and to hear students from across Australia get involved and show true leadership in this area. They sent a message of hope along with the conviction that we can and should make a difference,” Mr O’Dowd said.

The Morrison Government also announced that it would change Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines to make sure every procurement undertaken by a Commonwealth agency considers environmental sustainability and use of recycled content as a factor in determining the value for money. A number of companies such as McDonald’s and Qantas have made commitments to removing tonnes of single-use plastic items such as cups, cutlery, meal boxes and straws by the end of 2020 replacing them with compostable items.

Recycling in Gladstone has never been easier with the kerbside recycling bin service. Unfortunately, this great effort can literally go to waste by contamination – putting items in the bin that aren’t accepted for recycling, or products that haven’t been cleaned out properly. Another great way to recycle is through Queensland’s container refund scheme, known as ‘Containers for Change’. Gladstone has two Containers For Change recycling centres one located in Gladstone Central at 66 Yarroon St and the other at 29 Chapple St. For more information on how to improve your recycling habits visit