National Volunteer Week Profile – Meet Tammy

National Volunteer Week Profile – Meet Tammy

National Volunteer Week, May 17 – 23, is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteers. 


Each year almost six million volunteers dedicate over 600 million hours to help others.

We’ve profiled five local volunteers from five different groups as a way of saying thank you to those who keep our community running.

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Never volunteer to be thanked, no matter the cause, is Tammy Driessen’s motto.

“You may get a thanks, and that’s wonderful, but you’re doing what you do for a good reason, and it’s not for recognition,” the Gladstone Paws Treasurer and Foster Carer said.

“Choose a cause you feel deeply for, recognise that you’re helping in a very important way, and feel good about yourself.”

Tammy, who has fostered animals for 18 years, including two with Gladstone Paws, has retired from paid work, and said she “loves having a purpose”.

“We can only help a limited number of animals, but to those animals we are saving their lives,” she said.

“It’s this feeling, the knowledge that you’re so important to these animals that keeps you going.

“My three kids have grown up in a home where there were always extra animals.”

Gladstone Paws, made up of former Team RSPCA Gladstone members, has 55 members and a host of Foster Carers who rescue and re-home animals in need.

“Like most rescues, the number of animals we can help depends on how many Foster Carers we have available,” Tammy said.

“We cover all the animals’ expenses while they are in care, such as desexing and vaccination, all we ask our carers to provide is shelter and love.

“So I would definitely encourage anyone considering fostering to get in touch with us to discuss, even if you can only commit to short-term temporary care.”

To learn more about Gladstone Paws, including their subsidised desexing program for local cats and dogs, visit