New charging stations and comfy seating for Gladstone CBD

Volunteers working on 7 Day Makeover along Goondoon Street

New charging stations and comfy seating for Gladstone CBD

Have you seen the legendary orange brigade working hard on the main street this week? They are a bunch of volunteers rolling sleeves up to make some great additions to Goondoon Street with the aim of injecting love into the CBD for the Gladstone 7 Day Makeover.

The 7 Day Makeover began on the weekend in planning stages but now the working bee is in full force making some new cool places to relax along Goondoon street.

Many amazing ideas were conceived but so far the work in progress is ‘shipping channel markers’ for our main street next to Westpac bank in the garden bed.

A nautical-themed pergola, story-book characters hidden in the library garden, interactive play areas and wifi charging stations with comfy seating for library square.

Lots of new paints and colours are being seen on gutters and bollards to brighten up the space.

Organisers said ‘The energy at the 7 Day Makeover is exciting and contagious. There is still time for Volunteers to join in for the last couple of days, you can choose the task that excites you, to help bring great ideas to fruition with work hours that are flexible. More info here Gladstone 7 Day Makeover

We are excited to see what the rest of the make over brings, if it offers more community places to recharge and hang, i think Gladstone will enjoy putting it to good use.

Gladstone News will do a reveal once the Makeover is complete, we also look forward to featuring some of the Volunteers in our ‘Meet a Volly’ section in the paper.

7 Day Makeover Plan

Team work

Ideation of the 7 Day Makeover

Gladstone 7 Day Makeover

Gladstone 7 Day Makeover Team members brain storming.