The new craze in Gladstone – sheds!

The new craze in Gladstone – sheds!

You may have seen a lot of sheds popping up around Gladstone lately and wondered why all of a sudden they are so popular.

You’re in luck because we’ve stumbled across the secret. There is a smarter, cheaper way to buy  sheds  in 2016 – it’s all about the ‘kit shed’ concept.

Kit houses have been around for years, a building solution where most of the work is done before arriving on site, so it makes sense that this great concept has moved across into the shed sector. The Shed Kit is the newest option, with DIY  shed  kits coming to Gladstone after gaining popularity all over Australia. Rebecca Shiells found this gap in the Gladstone market and has been helping families who couldn’t previously afford the shed of their dreams ever since.

So what is a  shed  kit? A  shed  kit  is simply unassembled  shed  parts, sent directly to your door, for you to assemble in your own backyard. Rebecca and the team at Gladstone Shed Kits  can help you design the perfect  shed  to suit your needs, manufacture all the parts and deliver them to your door.

Don’t be fooled – it’s not like a typical ‘flat pack’ that comes with confusing instructions; this kit process is a finely tuned machine. Along with the materials, you get all the engineering drawings to assist you assemble the shed of your dreams. Gladstone  Shed  Kits  assist you with all the tedious parts of a DIY build, such as council approvals and finding reliable tradies to help you along your DIY journey.

Rebecca Shiells, owner of Gladstone Shed Kits said, “It’s a great product that offers efficiencies and has some huge advantages. We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of local’s who can’t believe the serious savings they can make by building their own shed. Our sheds are category 2 cyclone proof and have all the features of a Shed that is often over $5,000 more expensive”.

If you’re in the market for a shed or carport, a DIY  kit  could be your best option! For more info, search ‘Gladstone Shed Kits’ on Facebook.