New LGBTQIAQ+ Group wants your feedback on community event

New LGBTQIAQ+ Group wants your feedback on community event

Rainbow on the Reef has a vision of creating a community event for the Gladstone Region’s LGBTQIA+ community and allies.

Volunteer Heather Richards said the group, which had plans of becoming an independent LGBTQIA+ not-for-profit organisation, wanted to achieve a “successful, inclusive community event, to be held within 18 months, that is supported by the whole community”.

“We want to help cultivate a culture of pride in identity and diversity for the Gladstone Region and beyond,” she said.

“We have created a survey to understand the strengths and needs of the community and to provide an opportunity for collaboration in the co-design of a fair day event.

“We are so excited for people to anonymously share with us what they want to see and invite everyone to have their say.”

Year 10 student and Gladstone Regional Youth Council Member Gypsy Cantwell has lost friends due to prejudice and has found that “young allies are not empowered to stand-up and be heard”.

“The derogatory language used makes me feel like an outsider,” she said.

Gypsy, who is a proud ally and supporter of her two Mums, said she was passionate about inclusion and addressing inequality.

“I am excited about a more visible LGTBQIA+ community and pride events because then being part of the community will be normalised and we’ll actually be able to celebrate.

“People will see people who are different and that it’s OK to be different.”

Members of Rainbow on the Reef met with Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher recently, who expressed his enthusiasm and support for the LGBTQIA+ community in Gladstone.

“I am a keen supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Mr Butcher said.

“Gladstone has come a long way, but we need to continue making steps forward to ensure equality and inclusion for all in our community.

“I welcome and support the efforts of the local community in creating these events and opportunities for connection.”

Rainbow on the Reed holds regular fortnightly meetings at the Community Engagement Centre on Goondoon Street.

The next meeting, which is open to anyone who would like to positively participate, will be held on June 22 at 5:30pm.

To keep up-to-date with Rainbow on the Reef check out their Facebook Page, or send them an email via

You can provide your feedback on a Gladstone Region PRIDE event by completing their survey via the QR Code below.

The survey closes July 18.