New Murals Painted at Gladstone West

New Murals Painted at Gladstone West

On December 4th a whale and turtle mural was completed at Gladstone West State School.

Principal Damien Hoare said,

“Gladstone West State School and The Gladstone West P&C decided to have some walls painted in the school to brighten the place up.

“We received quotes and commissioned Artist !NITSUA to have them based on the theme of Gladstone Ports Corporation of the Big 6.

“Work was finalised last week Friday 4th December and students love the artwork, our Facebook page shows the parents have thought it was a good idea as well.”

The walls of D Block and the tennis courts were recently fixed due to maintenance issues. Principal Damien Hoare went onto say,

“They looked very bland, and we were concerned they would be targeted by vandals. We had read and researched that vandals and graffiti artist are less likely to target pieces of artwork.

“Not only has it brightened the place up. The students, staff and Parents love the new artwork.”

The murals were painted with a mixture of brush and a spray gun with a scissor lift to help the artist reach difficult places.