New Sound in Town

Carly and Ben

New Sound in Town

New Sound in TownIf you’ve not had a chance to flick on to 93.5 Hot FM and hear the fun new show Hot Breakfast with Carly and Ben we urge you to get on it. The new show bounced onto the airwaves a few weeks ago and it’s been making people laugh ever since.

So who are the faces behind the voices we heaCarlyr each morning?

Carly Portch – The New Girl

Carly is the ‘girl on the radio’ at 93.5 Hot Fm, originally from Port Macquarie (but we’ll forgive her for being a blue supporter) with a long history of being a breakfast radio announcer around Australia she decided on Gladstone to be her new home! We have heard that she couldn’t resist the good looks and charm of Ben as well as the perks of warm weather all year round.

Baggage – Sorry gent’s but she is not single. Carly said

‘I have brought along my boyfriend of five years Russell who luckily for me is very adaptable and was very excited to move to beautiful QLD we literally pinched ourselves as we walked along east shores we feel like we have arrived in paradise! ‘

Crazy Dog Lady

BenBen Norris – Isn’t he the guy off Big Brother?

He looks and sounds familiar because he is! Ben Norris is the other half of the new HOT breakfast  show but you already know him! Not only has Ben been here on- air for ages, he also was the Winner of 2012 Big Brother.

Baggage – Sorry gent’s Ben is not single either. He has a very good looking man in his life and an equally as adorable dog too. Ben’s in a relationship with Ben (the other Ben – both of their names are Ben).

Gladstone Welcome’s Carly

We are very excited to welcome Carly to Gladstone and also lucky to have a radio personality of her calibre join us here in CQ, with her extensive background in radio I think we are in for a treat having her join the team.  I sat in that breakfast radio chair 7 years ago to do the HOT FM show and it’s a great honour to seScreen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.12.51 ame a wonderful new show develop.  I absolutely love the new show and awesome entertainment they are dishing up.