News from Around The Globe

News from Around The Globe


A land slide in Western Sweden, has caused a huge sinkhole on a major highway to Norway and three people were injured when their cars and a bus skidded off the road.

Photos and video footage showed a sinkhole 500 metres wide that had opened up on the E6 highway, which runs from Southern Sweden to Norway, not far from Sweden’s second largest city of Goteborg.

Authorities have stated that around four cars and a bus skidded off the road and crashed. Three people were confirmed to have been hospitalised.


At least twenty six workers have been confirmed dead, after a bridge under construction collapsed in North East India. The latest in a string on infrastructure failures which has resulted in multiple deaths across the country.

The collapse of the bridge in the town of Sairang, Mizoram state has claimed the lives of at least twenty six people and injured several others. Videos and images have began to circulate online that show the broken structure laying on the ground, with a thick plume of dust and smoke billowing in the air.


North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un observed the test firing of strategic cruise missiles. The US and South Korean militaries kicked off major annual drills that the North views as an invasion rehearsal.

The North’s report on missile tests came three days after the leaders of the US, South Korea and Japan held their first stand alone trilateral summit and agreed to increase their cooperation on their ballistic missile defences to counter North Korea’s evolving nuclear and missile threats.


Visitors at a beach resort city in South West Japan, got a shock when they woke up to discover that the usually crystal clear sea had turned an ominous shade of red after a local brewery sprung a leak.

Photos and videos shared online showed blood red water flowing through the rivers and port areas of Nago city which is located on the island of Okinawa, a destination most known for emerald waters and sandy beaches.

The local brewery urged locals not to worry as the discoloured water posed no danger to humans or marine animals.

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