Organ Donation is easier now than ever before!

Organ Donation is easier now than ever before!

In a recent poll, 25{7a2eb471754f58cbf59baa93ee81dc7b74d186cb2e306188f39c85ba863dbab8} of Gladstone residents who completed the survey said that they did want to donate an organ but had not registered yet.   

It takes a minute and your Medicare card to save a life. If you have not registered to be a donor then you can now do it online quickly and easily than ever with the new website  Even if you are not sure if you have registered you can jump on and make sure you are on the list to become an organ donor.

Donor records are no longer on licenses. If you think it’s sorted because once upon a time you ticked a box on your licence form then you may think you are registered but are not formally on the list. It’s worthwhile going and having a look.

Making the decision to become an organ and tissue donor for transplantation after death is a personal choice but there seems to be a bunch of people who may not understand the process, not know how to do it or just feel strange about it.

Did you know that your organ and tissues could one day save and transform the lives of 10 or more people? WOW, now that’s making a difference.

DonateLife Week is on from Sunday 30th July – Sunday 6th August and to honour the week of awareness I wanted to get people talking about all of the good and bad thoughts they have regarding Organ Donation.

On Wednesday, August 2 from 9.30am – 11.30am a team of local people will be at Stockland Kin Kora to answer questions you have about Organ Donor.

After Gladstone News carrying out a series of polls, questioning sessions and interviewing people we have put together some information that reflects what our Gladstone community had to say on the topic Organ Donation.
I decided to Agee with donating my organs on my licence. Is that the same as agreeing for the Australian Organ Donor Register?
No, you will need to go to the website and register All you need is a Medicare card and two minutes.

Will funeral arrangements be affected?
Organ and tissue donation does not affect funeral arrangements. Viewing the loved one and an open casket funeral are both possible. If a coroner’s investigation is required, this may delay funeral arrangements.

Can the family change their minds about their donation decision?
Yes. The family can change their minds about donation at any point up to the time when the person is taken to the operating room.

Will the person’s family be expected to pay for the cost of donation?
No, there is no financial cost to the family for the donation.

Will the person’s organs definitely be transplanted?
If the family supports donation, everything possible will be done to make sure those wishes are fulfilled. At the time of the donation, it can sometimes become clear that organs intended for donation are not medically suitable for transplantation. The donation specialist staff will discuss this with the family if it arises.

How do I know if my online registration worked?
Your details will be validated by The Department of Human Services and added to the Australian Organ Donor Register. Once validation is completed you will receive a confirmation letter with a donor card.

Do I have to tell anyone my decision?
Yes, Let your family and friends know. It’s important to share your donation decision with loved ones, and that you ask their donation decision.  Families play a crucial part in the donation process – they will be asked to confirm your decision before donation for transplant proceeds. Nine in ten families agree to donation when their loved one is a registered donor.

To celebrate Donate Life next week we will publish a few stories of local people who have had a transplant or donation. Check out our website or keep your eyes peeled for next weeks edition.