Outback GP Open Now In Calliope

Outback GP Open Now In Calliope

Outback GP has made a welcome entrance into Calliope’s community.

For the first six months of 2022, Calliope did not have a Doctor’s Surgery, making the opening of Outback GP a much-needed addition. The new Practice aims to deliver important and high-quality services to Calliope’s residents. One of the Directors, Doctor Mohammad Umair Siddiqui, said that the surgery has big plans.

“We hope to eventually set up a Super Clinic here in Calliope with inhouse Radiology, Pathology and Pharmacy. We also want to have an urgent care unit attached that would handle minor emergencies,” said Dr Siddiqui.

The practice currently offers GP services, Skin cancer checks, surgeries and Allied health services like Physiotherapy. Amongst their other goals, the Directors are also hoping that this new Doctor’s Surgery will take pressure off locals who are currently needing to seed medical help from further away in the Gladstone Region.

“It is hard to imagine a town as large as Calliope with almost 6000 people having no GP services.”

The new GP has received praise from the community, who are sure to have suffered for the six months that their town had no local and immediate access to medical care.

“We see ourselves as part of this community. Most of our staff is local to Calliope- for us, this is more than just a business.”

Outback GP is also providing after-hours services until 8pm on weekdays, which will provide easier access for those in Calliope, and take pressure off the Gladstone Hospital Emergency Department.

Outback GP is located at 16/2041 Dawson Highway, or go to www.outbackgp.com.au or (07) 4910 8614 for further information, or to book an appointment.