Pacific Dawn has arrived

Pacific Dawn has arrived

The day many have been waiting for has arrived, Pacific Dawn is in Gladstone.

Lots of people out this morning getting pictures and capturing the moment. This one is from Leigh Waddington. 12825405_10154076110974962_1882092833_n

If you want to look out for the cruise ship the best views will be from East Shores PrecinctSpinnaker Park – Gladstone Marina and Auckland Point Lookout!

Wayne Perkins had a great idea and got the view from the deck.


Some facts about the ship: Its cost $276.8 Million US dollars to build

Tonnage: 6,412 DWT
Length: 245.06 m (804 ft 0 in)
Height: 56.00 m (183 ft 9 in)
Draught: 8.218 m (26 ft 11.5 in)
Decks: 11 passenger decks
Installed power:
  • 4 × 8-cylinder MAN B&W diesel electric
  • combined 38,800 kW
Propulsion: Two electric motors of 12MW each, two propellers 6 blades, Ø 5.8 m (19 ft 0 in)
  • 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph) (cruising)
  • 22.5 knots (41.7 km/h; 25.9 mph) (maximum)
Capacity: 2,020 passengers
Crew: 660
Notes: [3][4]
Fuel oil capacity 2,727 t (2,684 long tons; 3,006 short tons)
Fuel consumption 1,700 imp gal (7,700 l)/hr
(75 ft/gallon, 6 m/l)

7am – Feast on East Markets Open & Cruise Ship Arrives!Now for what’s planned:

7.30am – Entertainment Commences 
8.10am & 9.40am – Traditional Welcome Dance at the Main Stage
10am – Civic Welcome and Keys to Gladstone Region at the Main Stage
10.30am to 3pm – Live Entertainment
3pm – Feast on East Markets Close & Cruise Ship Departs!

Residents are reminded that parking will not be available at the Auckland Point Terminal Carpark. More Info from GAPDL here

If you’d like to submit picture you can email or inbox us on facebook.

We are collecting pictures to make a gallery for this exciting time in Gladstone. Submit your now with a credit line and be part of the news.