Parliament House to showcase strength of Queensland manufacturing

Parliament House to showcase strength of Queensland manufacturing

To kickstart Manufacturing Month with great enthusiasm, Queensland proudly hosted the inaugural Parliamentary Manufacturing Showcase, featuring 26 of the state’s leading manufacturers.

Queensland’s manufacturing sector has been a dynamic economic powerhouse, contributing a substantial $20 billion annually and employing 180,000 Queenslanders. This event provided a platform to spotlight these industry leaders, celebrating their past achievements and highlighting their remarkable capabilities.

As part of Manufacturing Month festivities, the Queensland Government officially introduced a novel social media campaign, “If you don’t make it, it’ll never exist,” with the aim of inspiring recent school graduates to pursue careers in manufacturing.

The exhibition featured a diverse array of manufacturers, including Stella Marine, known for their premium marine equipment, Norweld from North Queensland, specialising in vehicle accessories and Elexon Electronics, renowned for manufacturing a wide range of electronic products for specialised local and global markets.

The Showcase also boasted the presence of iconic businesses such as Frosty Boy, a Gold Coast-based ice cream manufacturer, Kandy Couture, a confectionery business hailing from Gladstone, Suitcase Records, a vinyl records manufacturer based in Pinkenba and Packer Leather situated in Narangba. Known for producing leather products used in the iconic Sherrin AFL football. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to explore locally crafted beverages from Queensland’s leading distillers and brewers.

Glenn Butcher, who is the Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing is passionate about manufacturing in Queensland and has shared his thoughts about the recent exhibition.

“I am passionate about Queensland manufacturing, because there is no better place to manufacture than right here in Queensland,” said Mr Butcher.

“I’ve seen projects we’ve invested in, being supplied by Queensland manufacturers that have grown their businesses through our manufacturing grants and support programs. That is what we want, our investment delivering for Queenslanders all the way down the supply chain.”

This Parliamentary Showcase marked a historic first for Queensland, highlighting the remarkable diversity of the state’s manufacturing sector and underscoring its ongoing role in providing employment opportunities, both then and in the future.

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