Rehab unit for Rocky as Palaczszuk acts on ice

Rehab unit for Rocky as Palaczszuk acts on ice

A forty-two-bed rehabilitation unit for Rockhampton costing in excess of $14 million as well as actions aimed at decriminalising ice use within the justice system are two of 65 recommendations released today by the Palaczszuk government as part of their draft Action on Ice plan. 

The Palaszczuk Government is finalising an action plan to tackle ice, following state-wide input to a comprehensive action plan the Government released for public comment last year.

In the preparation of the plan and in its consultation, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk met with many families and individuals impacted by ice.

“This has been a thorough consultation bringing together experts and those working on the frontline, and most significantly, those living with ice as users or their family or loved ones,” she said when announcing the release of the draft plan.

General themes that emerged from the summit, roundtables and written submissions, and have informed the finalisation of the Action on Ice plan, include:

  • improved community awareness of the symptoms and impacts of ice use; and a reliable and trusted information source on how to support people affected by ice and other substances, and how and where to access help
  • enhanced access to, and increased funding for, effective, flexible and culturally appropriate treatment, recovery and support services for individuals and families
  • changes to the criminal justice system, including the decriminalisation of ice use, tougher penalties for ice suppliers, and diversion options for persons charged with ice-related offences
  • greater need for the availability and accessibility of culturally appropriate responses.

The final plan will include implementation arrangements for the Government’s election commitment to provide $14.3 million over three years for a 42-bed residential drug rehabilitation and treatment facility in Rockhampton.

The plan aims to complement the National Ice Strategy.

The Palaszczuk Government has made a commitment to tackling ice including the allocation of an extra $43 million over the next five years to increase access to specialist clinics and other support services by the non-government sector.

These additional funds will be invested across the full spectrum of responses, including community-based counselling, non-residential rehabilitation, pre-and post-treatment support such as withdrawal management in residential rehabilitation, specialist peer support for families and flexible modes for counselling,” Premier Palaczszuk said.

Link to the “Action on ice: The Queensland Government’s draft plan to address use and harm caused by crystal methamphetamine”