Ride4Lives Suicide Awareness Ride

Ride4Lives Suicide Awareness Ride

Ride4Lives connects the community with training and service providers to help become better at listening and supporting people who may be directly or indirectly affected by suicide.

Ride4Lives was established in September 2017 with the aim of ensuring all the funds raised in the region were used locally to help support people who were affected by suicide. Further to this, Ride4Lives helps reduce the stigma around suicide by giving the community a safe and supportive place to talk. President of Ride4Lives, Mark Brookes said, “Out of the rising suicide rates in the Gladstone region, particularly with men, the focus was to create a local support group with the aim of reducing these rates by social connection.”

The Suicide Awareness Ride is a unique event that encourages community support groups for people to connect and communicate regarding suicide and its effects.

“Seeing the ride on route and locals supporting the event is amazing. We also support local businesses for our events which require catering and kids entertainment. We have supported the Calliope River Historical Village for the end of our ride for the last two years,” Mark said.

Everyone is welcome to the Suicide Awareness Ride which invites all members of the community to come and ride regardless of your mode of transport. There will also be a family-friendly event at the Calliope River Historical Village from 2-5pm after the ride.

“The success of the event and true connection of community is about the way we come together around a cause that is close to all of our hearts.  The main issue with the view of suicide is the stigma associated with it.  A way to help reduce the suicide rates and stigma in our region is to be honest, open up and talk about it.  Ride4Lives create events and in turn creates social connectedness, awareness, and raises funds for suicide prevention training and mentorship programs.  The statistics have proven that talking about issues that come with suicide as well as intervention and postvention DO actually make a change.  Suffering in silence or keeping secrets about suicide with family, friends, loved ones or people that reach out in our community can contribute to more deaths,” Mark explained.

Ride4Lives events have a positive effect on the community through promoting mental health, social connection, fun, family and good community connections.  The Suicide Awareness Ride is not about what you ride, but more about creating and honouring the importance of unity and connection.