For all of you lovers of robots, innovative technology and competitions – this one’s for you!

150926 - 2_zpsrdx4p6ciRobowars is a community of Australian tech geniuses that aim to encourage the Australian Inventors, engineers and mad tinkers out there to turn their dream machines into the Ultimate Destruction Machine! The great news? There is a very active Robowars community here in Gladstone and they’re looking to host a two-day sportsman feather-weight event in December – they just need your help to make it happen!

They are looking to hold the event on the 10th and 11th of December 2016 here in Gladstone and are currently looking for new builders to join in the competition. Robo-builders can be in teams or on their own, with schools encouraged to get involved (a great addition to robotics and engineering curriculum activites!).

150926 - 1_zpskyluexrwThe group are also currently looking for a venue – so if you or someone you know has a warehouse or vacant workshop that could be used to set up the battle arena and hold the competition, get in touch with Daniele 0488 790 805. Potential sponsors that would like to get on board and help make this event a reality would also be greatly appreciated – who wouldn’t want to support Robowars!?

A little bit about the competition itself: fights (also known as bouts) last for 3 minutes and if there hasn’t been a clear winner by knock out, it goes to a judges decision where points are awarded for control, aggression and damage. Safety plays a massive part in Robot Fighting also, and before the event starts robots will need to pass safety and function checks to compete. Once these are passed, they will be able to battle it out in our custom built 5m × 5m polycarbonate and steel arena.

Robot fighting is as much a spectators sport as it is a competitors, so the event will be open to the public – we’ll keep you updated for the ticket release date.

On their website is lots of information about this awesome sport, and a link to the forum which has loads of helpful information on how to build these incredible machines. To find out more, contact Daniele De Basio on 0488 790 805 via text or call after 3:30pm.