Robyn’s Week at GN

Robyn’s Week at GN

Last week we had the privilege here at GN to have another work experience student spend time with us. Robyn, who attends Year 10 at Faith Baptist Christian School is interested in journalism and we had the pleasure of bringing her along to meetings, story leads and to visit the radio station this week.

She also won our hearts by bringing in cupcakes on her last day! We hope she had the best time and was able to learn about journalism from behind the scenes.

I’ve lived in South Africa for 14 years, in a quite small house with a small back yard. We’ve lived here for nearly six months; however it feels like we’ve been here much longer. Gladstone is a massive change for me; it’s so calm compared to the busy city I grew up in.
In South Africa, I believe the worst part is traffic, everyone fear the road that leads to the bridges, where the trucks get stuck, because they don’t bother to do the math in order to realise that the truck is too tall to go through. Here it’s different; you feel comfortable enough in the car to actually take a nap.

I’ve started with work experience this September holidays at Gladstone News. I’ve met an amazing group of people! It’s been so much fun to get to know them better. There is Tat who speaks Spanish and that drink mate, which is her tea, I’ve had the privilege to taste her mate, it tastes pretty bad, hopefully if you drown it in sugar it would taste better. But for now I don’t know what tastes worse, Tat’s mate or my dad’s coffee. I’ve learned that their as fond of their mate as South Africans are of their barbeque.

Then there’s Yiota, who is as sweet as her name. She could be a fashion icon for journalists. If I got to know her better I’d call her my older sister, because she’s the sweetest person alive and a very caring person. I enjoyed scheduling articles for Leilani and to go on road trips with her and I got to see a radio station and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I missed the photo shoot for their cover page as I had to leave for the day.

Gladstone is a tiny city, but it has an awesome community that cares about its people. The community will hold fundraisers for people who need help. I love the clean streets, my new school, and being with my family more and having more time on my hands. I feel really lucky to be able to stay here and make new friends.

– Robyn