Roseberry Housing & Homelessness Hub Construction Underway

Roseberry Housing & Homelessness Hub Construction Underway

With plans already underway, Gladstone can expect to see construction of this life-saving hub completed in early 2023.

The main purpose of the hub will be to provide a first point of access for anyone struggling to access housing, or for those concerned that they will soon be facing homelessness. The Roseberry hub will provide a space for people to talk and access vital services and support, and also give them access to food, showers and the opportunity to clean their clothes.

“Roseberry is a community housing provider and we receive many calls every day from people who are desperately trying to find support to help them either stay in a rental home or access social or affordable housing. We hope that this homelessness hub will provide a safe place for people to come and receive support and a listening ear, and be provided with assistance to navigate the systems and services that might assist them into secure housing,” said Roseberry’s General Manager Michelle Coats.

Michelle said that the idea behind this hub was a natural response to the ever-increasing and escalating issue of homelessness in Gladstone. Roseberry currently runs a Dignity Hub in Rollo Street, which is a service that allows homeless people to gain access to safe meals, water, and washing facilities.

Last year, the Dignity Hub helped 2, 168 people with food, meals, provisions, access to amenities and assistance with accessing services and support.

“In 2021, Roseberry provided 41, 048 crisis accommodation bed nights, 4, 416 emergency accommodations for young people at our Youth Shelters and supported 2, 168 homeless people to access food and support. With the impending housing affordability crisis, we estimate that we will exceed these numbers once our dedicated homelessness and housing support hub is operational.

“Gladstone, as with many regional communities, have a hidden homelessness problem, With the increasing house prices, rental shortages and economic growth that Gladstone is facing, this problem is only increasing. There are very few services around that can provide a safe and accessible space for people who are sleeping in their cars or sleeping rough to feel comfortable coming to without judgement. It’s also important to provide them with a place where they can get access to support to help them overcome the barriers they are facing, and help them to find a way forward.”

Roseberry currently receives daily phone calls or walk-ins from local families who are desperately looking for help, and this prompted them with the need to grow their homelessness services to try to help support the increasing demand for emergency housing.

“We are working very closely with the State Government and other community housing partners and stakeholders to try and attract funding to build affordable housing communities throughout the Central Queensland Region. We see a very clear need to increase the supply of affordable housing so that we can have options for vulnerable people to move into long term housing.”