Rotary Lends a Helping Hand

Rotary Lends a Helping Hand

The combined Gladstone Rotary Clubs lent a hand last weekend to create prosthetic hands for victims of landmines in South-East Asia.

Midday Rotary President Rob Gibb said over 60 Rotarians and Interactors joined together to construct 21 artificial hands.

“Undetonated landmines are an enormous problem in South-East Asia,” Mr Gibb said.

“There are over 120 Million live landmines still set all over the world and there are about 2000 accidents per month throughout Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

“Unfortunately it’s a common occurrence for men, women or children to be maimed, or even lose their lives.

“There are thousands of amputees who are unable to feed themselves, brush their teeth or write their own name.

“These hands will help them to be more self-sufficient and give them better quality of life,” he said.

“Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self and while we tend to concentrate our efforts on local projects, it’s important to also take a Global approach,” Mr Gibb said.

“Helping Hands is an opportunity to not only give funds, but also to assist in a very practical way by building prosthetic hands.

“Members may even choose to visit the effected communities in the future, to see the reality of how their prosthetic hand has benefited an amputee” he said.

Anyone who may be interested in finding out more information about joining a Rotary Club is encouraged to email