Sandi to compete on World Stage!

Sandi to compete on World Stage!

Sandi Carmichael-Heard is no stranger to the world stage. Having competed in international sport aerobics competitions for over 15 years, Sandi is about to travel to the Netherlands to compete at the World Championships with a goal of a podium finish.

Sports aerobics is a competitive sport which originates from traditional aerobics. This high-intensity version involves complex, high impact moves and skills which are then combined with music and choreography to produce an ultimate 2-minute-high intensity aerobics showpiece!   

Sandi who is a previous World Champion recently competed at the Australian National Titles where she received a silver medal; these results qualified her to compete at the upcoming World Championships in late October.  “I have been competing since I was about 13 years old,” she said. “This will be my 11th World Championships. I love the training and having a goal to work toward.” 

Sandi was World Champion of the Adult division in 2007 & 2008. “I then had a 5-year break when I got married and had my son. I returned to the sport and won silver at the World Champs; then I had another break when I had my daughter,” Sandi explained. After returning to the sport, Sandi had excellent results last year when she won the World Championships in the team division and got third place in the individual adult category. This year Sandi is aiming for a top-three finish.  Sandi said that she choreographs her routines and her upcoming competition piece is performed to “I Want to Dance with Somebody” by the late Whitney Houston.   

Sandi explained that her routine is two minutes of high-intensity aerobics with strength elements like one arm pushups, powerful jumps and flexibility movements like splits and high kicks. An ASN Ambassador and representing Daly Training Solutions, Sandi said she appreciates the support she receives from both local businesses in helping her reach her goals. Here at Gladstone News, we wish Sandi all the best for her upcoming competition, and we look forward to hearing the results!