School Holidays: September 16 to October 3

School Holidays: September 16 to October 3

It feels like the year is flying by, and it’s already coming up on school holidays again! If you’re looking for some fun, easy activities to do while the kids are home then have a look below!

Take a road trip: Even with the price of fuel at the moment, road trips can still be a fun way to spend time together and explore our beautiful state. Why not put the kids in the car, and drive somewhere that you’ve never been before.

Have a movie day: grab some snacks, shut the blinds, and spend the day watching your favourite movie! Alternatively, you could head to our newly refurbished Gladstone Cinemas, and watch a brand new film there!

Go to the beach: now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s perfect weather to spend a day in the ocean. Grab some fish and chips, take an umbrella, and enjoy some simple outdoors time with the family.

Head to the dam: Whether you own a boat or not, spending a day at the dam is lovely as the weather starts to warm up. Plan a picnic at the Awoonga Dam recreation area, and cool off in the water afterwards!


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