The Importance of Self-care by Suzie Humphrey

The Importance of Self-care by Suzie Humphrey

Make this work year the best one yet by with these important self-care reminders from local psychologist, Suzie Humphrey

Self-care is something that we often dismiss because we don’t think we deserve or need to be compassionate to ourselves – we’re too busy ‘helping’ others or meeting work deadlines to consider the importance of self-care. It’s important to look at self-care as a means of refuelling. We all know that we need to refuel our vehicle and recharge our phones so that they continue to work as needed – well, the same goes for us!

Some simple ways to get started with your self-care may include:

  • Turn work emails off on the weekend
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk
  • Go home on time
  • Delegate where you can
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat healthy and regularly
  • Regular exercise
  • Take some time for yourself
  • Make time for family or friends
  • Re-engage in a hobby or activity you used to enjoy
  • Read a good book
  • Just stop and take a breath
  • Say NO sometimes

Building a healthy relationship with yourself through regular self-care enables you to work consistently at the professional level expected of you. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, and can improve your mood, relationships and productivity.

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Make a commitment to yourself this year and incorporate self-care into your daily routine.