SHOP TO WIN @ E-Male & 3Style Clothing

SHOP TO WIN @ E-Male & 3Style Clothing

Shop to Win at E-male & 3Style Clothing for your chance to win $10,000! Gladstone News caught up with Justin & Audra to find out what shoppers can find instore.  

Q+A with Justin from E-Male @ Gladstone’s Night Owl Centre 

At Emale what brands do you stock? What kind of range do you offer? 

We retail all things “Male”; From Skate Boards to Suits 

In 1999, E-Male was conceived as a concept store, specialising in retailing EXTREME – LIFESTYLE + FORMALWEAR clothing for men. Brands available include; Nautica | Wrangler | Kiss Chacey | nANA jUDY | Nena & Pasadena | Rusty | Brixton | Nixon | OTIS | Dragon | SPY | GLOBE | Etnies | Zoo York | Stussy | New England | Julius Marlow | Studio Italia | James Harper | Eight X 

What would you say is the key piece of advice when shopping for clothing? 

In fashion, there are three qualities that drive most of your clothing’s effect on your appearance: 1. Fit 2. Fabric 3. Style 

These three make up the “style triangle” — they’re the characteristics that define a piece of clothing, for good or bad effect. They’re where you’re getting the most “bang for your buck” in your clothing purchases. If all three of these concepts are equal, FITis the one that’s “a little more equal than the others.” So, I always recommend fit (fabric is a very close 2nd) over style and colour! 

What kind of service can shoppers expect at Emale? 

Our service is extremely personal and we believe it helps to reinforce our store’s Brand… 

Q+A with Audra from 3Style Clothing on Goondoon Street 

At 3Style what brands do you stock?  Are special orders available?  

A designer boutique, 3 Style is at the forefront of fashion catering for individuality. Your one-stop shop to keep you on-trend whenever, wherever – 3 Style stocks the latest casual and after-5 fashions including dresses, tops, jeans, shoes, bags and more. Our brands include Cooper St, Wish, Sass, LTB Jean, Finders Keepers, Nana Judy, Zoo York, Wrangler and 3rd Story Tee’s. We also have Morgan & Taylor Fascinators, Urge Shoes, KO Fashion Shoes and Adorne – Clutches & earrings. Special orders are also available.  

What would you say is the key piece of advice when shopping for clothing?  

Key advice would be that the fit has to suit your body shape for you to love what you are wearing. 

What kind of service can shoppers expect at the stores?  

Our service is very friendly & engaging to all our customers.