SHOP TO WIN @ Jamaica Blue

SHOP TO WIN @ Jamaica Blue

In Jamaica, there is a saying, ‘wan wan coco full baskit’ meaning ‘Take your time, slow down, stop rushing. You will achieve your goals’. This is a sentiment Jamaica Blue lives by. The Jamaica Blue café in Stockland Kin Kora is a haven, a space you can take a little time out to relax and reflect. To stop for a minute to enjoy the moment, recalibrate and recharge before carrying on!  

Owners, Christene Woods and Adam Stephenson said that Jamaica Blue is lucky enough to source some of the best coffee in the world for their blends. From the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, the specialist beans are exclusive to Jamaica Blue. But, their café is not just about great coffee. They also have great food and exceptional service. So good in fact that the Kin Kora café recently brought home the Retail Excellence Awards as a standout Jamaica Blue café in Australia.  

Christene and Adam said that a new summer menu would be launched this week that will see traditional menu favourites revamped. A new Christmas Menu will also be launched in mid-November. Adam said the menu will feature some core offerings from Jamaica Blue as well as some items that make the Kin Kora café unique.  

The Christmas menu will feature some special items including a Hibiscus Iced Tea, Christmas Chicken Roast Wraps and a delicious special Christmas Coffee Blend. “It will taste like Christmas Pudding with spice notes and slightly sweet caramel finishing with a cocoa aftertaste,” Adam explained. 

Visiting Jamaica Blue in Kin Kora during the Gladstone News’ Shop to Win campaign could help you win $10,000. So next time you’re looking to head out for lunch or to catch up with a friend for a coffee check out Jamaica Blue, you won’t be disappointed.