Shop to Win: Poolwerx

Shop to Win: Poolwerx

Pat Henson


I recently visited the Granite Belt Maze in Stanthorpe.

Around every bend was a new sign and idea that would not necessarily be true!

This got me to thinking about home and commercial pools.

There is a lot of misinformation that the average person needs to navigate to end up with the right direction in managing their pool.

Poolwerx Gladstone has a work philosophy of teaching our clients all about their pool so that they can enjoy a healthy and safe family environment.

We understand that some fixes are expensive, which is why we now use both Gem Finance and Zippay.

Whilst I have retired from hands on in the business, our team is ably supported by Janna and now Doug, who is our Regional Manager for both Gladstone and Bundaberg stores.

Get all the answers to the following questions to receive a 10 percent discount on any purchase in store:

  1. What is an AW4?
  2. What is the main mineral in Dead sea minerals?
  3. How many socks are in a mega packet?
  4. Do you add salt to a chlorine pool to stop it from going green?
  5. What is a crystal cube?

(answers readily available in store)