Small Business Month: Alex Maree Hair Studio

Small Business Month: Alex Maree Hair Studio

The best way to help a small business according to Sam Ward, the owner of Alex Maree Hair Studio, is to stay involved.

“The best way to help a small business? Share their social media posts, and tell your friends and family about your positive experiences,” said Sam.

The business, which has been open for three years as of this April, was created as an entirely positive space.

“We wanted to create a happy and inspired space for our work to be shown, and have a truly positive working environment.”

Sam said that the best part about owning a small business in Gladstone is the fact that it is a forever-evolving town.

“To see growth in my staff and business is an absolute highlight, as well as being able to build relationships with clients and other businesses.

Sam had been doing hairdressing for 13 years before opening Alex Maree Hair Studio.

“I was always passionate about blondes and bridal, and always focused on giving myself the best education and training in Brisbane and Sydney to bring back to work, and I loved being able to create my own vision within the studio now.”