Small Gladstone high school farewells first graduates

Small Gladstone high school farewells first graduates

Following an academic year like no other, Carinity Education Gladstone has farewelled the school’s first cohort of Year 12 students. 

Sixteen students made history when they graduated from the independent education school at Glen Eden on November 20. 

Carinity Education Gladstone provides education, vocational training and mentoring for students having difficulty succeeding in traditional schools. 

Completing high school is an achievement many of the graduating students once thought might not be possible.

Graduating student Ambur had long struggled at school, impacted by low self-esteem and a lack of confidence and self-belief. 

“I left my old school due to many reasons, mostly because I never went to class as I couldn’t understand the work, the bullying and I was not happy,” the 17-year-old explains. 

“My life has changed since coming to Carinity Education Gladstone. Before then I always felt like I wouldn’t graduate from high school. 

“Carinity has a great team of people that made me feel like I am meant to be at school. They have given me and others a chance when other schools haven’t.”

As well as overcoming barriers to education, Ambur and her fellow students had to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19 in their senior year.

For several months, students learned remotely with school youth workers delivering schoolwork, empowering students to continue their learning from home during the coronavirus shutdown.  

Principal Jane Greenland has a “sense of pride” in the young people at  Carinity Education Gladstone for their “determination to regain momentum with their education” after struggling at other schools.