Smoke on the Water as Gladstone Marina heats up

Smoke on the Water as Gladstone Marina heats up


The Gladstone Marina will be heating up next week with residents told not to be alarmed by smoke in the Marina which is all part of an emergency response exercise.

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) will be using smoke bombs to simulate a fire on board a boat at the Marina moorings on Tuesday.

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan said exercises such as this are important in ensuring employees and emergency services are prepared in the case of a real emergency.

“The Gladstone Fire Department and GPC Marina employees will participate in the exercise together,” he said.

“They will be able to assess what is required in such a situation and evaluate the response by the participants.

“This allows GPC to update procedures if necessary and ensure that we can act quickly and appropriately in the event an incident does occur.”

The scenario being simulated includes a moored boat, carrying 20 litres of fuel, on fire with one vessel moored adjacent to the burning boat.