St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

Welcome to the wonderful learning community of St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School.

Our aim to create a sense of belonging that will nurture your child’s growth and help create a healthy self-esteem and lifelong love of learning.

We believe that every child is different and that every child is special, with special needs, special interests and special characteristics.  Your child is important to you, and important to us as educators.  We need to work together to help them grow, learn and develop, both as an individual and as a member of our school community.

Education is an important partnership between the home and the school. For any partnership to be successful, communication needs to be open and effective. All parents are urged to work closely with their child’s teacher by regularly communicating with them and working together to provide the best educational opportunities possible

Every child at St John’s has the right to LEARN, a right to feel SAFE, and the responsibility to RESPECT those around them. As educators, our prime responsibility is to ensure your child is safe and happy in order to maximise their learning so that they can display their full potential.