Start the conversation over a cuppa

Start the conversation over a cuppa

Calliope Rotary member and – since her retirement from state Parliament – cupcake decorating queen Liz Cunningham has ensured that visitors to the Rotary Mental Health and Wellbeing Fair on the weekend do not lack something tasty to accompany their coffee.

She has made and decorated 26 dozen cupcakes to be served at the Fair, the conversation flows more easily – especially about something as tricky as mental illness – with a cuppa and a treat.

“It’s going to be a very family oriented and positive day,” Ms Cunningham said from her home where she had just managed to fit more than 300 cupcakes into her freezer.

“It will be an opportunity for people who need help to find out what help is available in a very casual setting,” she said.

For every cup of coffee sold at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Fair, the vendor will donate $1 to Australian Rotary Health’s mental health campaign.