Ten Toothy Facts for Dental Health Week

Ten Toothy Facts for Dental Health Week

  1. The tough shell covering your tooth is called Enamel

Actually enamel is the hardest part of your body! It’s also translucent, so you can see the light through it.

  1. We have 4 different types of teeth
  • 8 incisors, meant for biting food and helping with the pronunciation of words
  • 4 canines that cut the food and support the lips
  • 8 premolars for chewing
  • 12 molars (including the 4 wisdom teeth), which are the flattest teeth used to grind the food.
  • That’s 32 teeth in total!
  1. They make a good first impression

For most people, smile – hence teeth – is the very first feature they notice about a person when meeting for the first time. Look after your teeth to make the first best impression!

  1. We produce around 262 litres of saliva a year

We produce around 262 litres of saliva a year and nearly 22,000 litres in a lifetime, enough to fill an entire swimming pool! Mostly made of water, saliva lubricates the food so we can swallow it, but also fights the germs present in our mouth and prevents bad breath.

  1. Your teeth are unique

Just like fingerprints, your teeth are unique – even twins don’t have identical teeth. That’s why dental prints are sometimes used in Crime Scene Investigations.

6. We spend about 79 days brushing our teeth in a lifetime

Based on the recommended time spent on brushing our teeth every day – 4 minutes morning & night – we actually spend about 79 days brushing our teeth in a lifetime.

Note: the average person only brushes for 45 to 70 seconds a day though.

7. One third of each tooth is hidden

A third of our teeth are hidden underneath our gums, making only two thirds visible, reason why maintaining healthy gums is capital.

8. We have millions of microbes living in our mouth

We have hundreds of bacteria and millions of microbes living in our mouth, on the teeth, tongue and cheeks. As long as they are healthy bacteria, they are harmless. Adopting a good oral care will keep the bad ones away.

9. Everyone has a preference

It appears that if you are right handed, you will be inclined to chew your food on your right side, and if you are left handed, on your left side. Pay attention next time you eat something!

10. Keep the cap off

Contrary to what people might think, putting a cap on your toothbrush is NOT a good hygiene practice at all, quite the opposite: the toothbrush won’t be able to dry out between the brushings, which encourages mould growth and bacteria reproduction.